I am the mommy to two beautiful children. Alayna who is 2 years old and Carter who just turned 8 months old. A couple months back I took Carter for his 4 month check up and that is initially when everything started. He was not meeting milestones, had poor muscle tone and his eyes were wandering, he couldn’t focus them. The pediatrician referred us to physical therapy for his poor muscle strength, ophthalmologist for his eyes, and because of the two issues together to a neurologist to make sure everything was okay in his brain. Panic, stress, fear, anxiety, worry all started to kick in before I even left the doctors office. We went to Geisinger to see the pediatric neurologist on Dec 31, at that time the doctor did a quick exam and said he wasn’t worried yet and would not do any further testing unless some back sliding occurred. Next we saw the ophthalmologist, who diagnosed him with a strabisma, meaning his eyes weren’t aligning together but because of how young he was, he thought there was a good chance of him out growing it. So we started physical therapy to get him stronger and caught up. All I could think of was “Thank you! I can deal with physical therapy, thank God nothing is seriously wrong with my baby!” Then came Friday, February 21. I took him to his 6 month well visit, and it was like a tornado came threw my life in 5 minutes of being in the room. Carter had lost several pounds making him “failure to thrive” and was severely dehydrated and we needed to get the the ER right away for fluids. We were rushed  back, tubes an  monitors and fast paced nurses running all over around him was so scary. After an hour we were told that he needed to be admitted…to a children’s hospital…life flighted…and neither James or I could ride with him. We had to drive by car 2 hours away, without our baby. One of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. While we were there we heard many different diagnosis, all of which were terrible. It ultimately after going threw several blood tests and waiting for weeks for them to return, was narrowed down to a Mitochondrial disorder. Not what we wanted to hear. Hearing the doctor say to us “I’m sorry but there  is currently no treatment or cure for these disorders.”, I felt like my world was ending. I am  born again christian, grew up going to church most of my life. I went home and started reading my Bible. I had no where else to go, the doctors couldn’t help me so God HAS too. Why we always go to the Bible as a last resort is just crazy to me. As I read more and study more, I’ve realized that is the very first  place we need to go. A lot of our battles wouldn’t be half as bad if we realized the power we have with Jesus. I started reading many Christian books on healing. The more and more I study healing in the bible, the more I’ve learned that God WANTS to heal us. He died on the cross for us, and healing is one of the many gifts to us, we just need to ask for it, and have faith that God WILL provide that healing. It’s just a matter of His timing. I  believe that my little boy will be healed. I am holding the scripture Exodus 23:25-26 within my heart. It says “Worship the Lord your God and His blessings will be on your food and water. I will take away your sickness from amoung you, I will give you a full life span.” There are so many verses of healing in the bible. So many promises. So many testimonies. I honestly truly  believe with God on our side no matter what is thrown at us, Carter is going to get threw it. All of this  adding to the list to make his one day, when Gods timing is right, Carter’s amazing testimony.


**Sidenote: I am not good with my writing skills, please ignore any punctuation, spelling errors, etc. 🙂 I created this as a way to get my thoughts down in writing. To share any progress and updates, and anything I come across in my daily readings that are encouraging and I want to share with others. I am in no way looking for sympathy. Honestly that is the last thing I want. When people feel sorry for me, it makes me think and focus on the bad things, I want to focus on the good. I need to keep my eyes on the improvements, the things of God, and the healing that I know is coming!<3





2 comments on “About

  1. Beautiful. Love this.. And you, and my niece and nephew.. Oh and course my brother too 😉

  2. Precious, precious mommy. I love your heart.

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